About Us

Sambrook Research is a full service market research agency that carries out projects throughout the UK and overseas. We operate within consumer and business to business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We also specialise in public sector social research, providing policy studies used by Government Departments at Westminster and by the European Commission in Brussels.

We work for private sector, public sector and voluntary organisations.

The company was set-up in 1988 and since then has successfully completed market research studies in over 475 markets. About 40% of our work involved overseas markets, and to date we have carried out research involving over 60 countries world-wide.

Why Sambrook?

We offer the following:

  • Experience researching your industry sector
  • Outstanding International experience in over 60 countries
  • Expertise to identify the correct goals and optimum research methodology
  • Strong project management
  • A professional team that delivers reliable information
  • Insightful analysis of the data
  • Clear presentation of findings
  • Delivery on time and on budget

All projects have their specific challenges, but according to Senior Partner, Robin Spencer:

“Probably the most challenging project I’ve undertaken in 30 years was a very rapid Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of the proposed ‘Prohibition of Abortions’ Bill for the Department of Health. In spite of the extreme complexity of the issues involved and the high level of sensitivity surrounding the whole issue of abortion, the report was completed ahead of schedule, published and referred to several times during the debate in the House of Commons. It was extremely well received, getting no criticisms from any Ministers, pro-life or pro-choice stakeholders, in fact my client’s boss (the Minister for Health) was commended by two other Ministers after the debate for producing ‘such a well balanced report’. Finally, a few months later, it was the only RIA out of 19 others evaluated by the National Audit Office that was given a good quality ‘green light’ for all 6 areas of assessment!”

Our Clients

A broad mix of private sector, public sector and voluntary sector organisations


Private sector research



Public sector research



Voluntary sector research

What we do

Provide accurate, reliable and effective market research

B2B & Consumer research
•  Market size / segmentation
•  Customer insight research
•  Branding and advertising
•  Customer profiling
•  Product / concept testing

Stakeholder research
Employee research
Social research

How we do it

Our methods are based on practical experience and proven solutions, as well as innovative ideas

Project design
Project management
•  Qualitative Market Research
•  Quantitative Market Research
•  Face-to-face interviews
•  Telephone interviews
•  Postal / self completion
•  Focus groups

Data analysis
Interpretation and reporting
Client presentations
Implementation / workshops