Sambrook Research has a vast experience researching the transportation industry, with many studies involving land, sea and air transportation systems and components.  We have experience of both qualitative and quantitative research with senior executives within manufacturers, transport operators, end-users and consumers.

Examples of projects within different transportation sectors are given below.

  • train video surveillance systems
  • national rail test centre



  • automobile organisation services
  • buses and coaches
  • car spares
  • commercial vehicles / components
  • disabled transport vehicles
  • luxury cars
  • off-road vehicles
  • private car hire
  • refuse collection vehicles
  • taxi vehicles – purpose built
  • trucks – 3.5-7.5 tonne
  • tyres – cars, CVs and m/cycles


  • air travel
  • aircraft manufacture
  • aircraft passenger bridges
  • airport baggage handling equipment
  • airport visual navigation aids
  • aviation components/ systems



  • marine power systems
  • marine propulsion systems
  • maritime communications guides
  • navigational charts
  • oceanographic data
  • shipbuilding

Our Clients

A broad mix of private sector, public sector and voluntary sector organisations


Private sector research



Public sector research



Voluntary sector research

What we do

Provide accurate, reliable and effective market research

B2B & Consumer research
•  Market size / segmentation
•  Customer insight research
•  Branding and advertising
•  Customer profiling
•  Product / concept testing

Stakeholder research
Employee research
Social research

How we do it

Our methods are based on practical experience and proven solutions, as well as innovative ideas

Project design
Project management
•  Qualitative Market Research
•  Quantitative Market Research
•  Face-to-face interviews
•  Telephone interviews
•  Postal / self completion
•  Focus groups

Data analysis
Interpretation and reporting
Client presentations
Implementation / workshops