Steve Phillips, Strategic Marketing Manager, Goodyear Dunlop Tyres.  “The survey was relatively complex in that it sought to gain an understanding across multiple product groups and two distinct customer segments.  The results of the survey have given us good insight into customer needs and highlighted priority areas for action.  The team from Sambrook demonstrated great tenacity in building an understanding of the market.

Tony Fox, Director, Drake Aviation & Integrated Technology – “You produced a report that fully met our requirements and within the time scales agreed.  A good thing was that you didn’t restrict yourself to the basic brief and provided thoughts on other areas, without detracting from the original brief or exceeding the budget.  Also several of our people outside the aviation division have said how well laid out and comprehensively produced they thought the report was.


Peter Spraggs, Deputy General Manager, Micro Image Technology (Laporte Group) – “Performed well with helpful advice on the questionnaire, very clear report (logical and concise) and good presentation of results to MIT.  Pleasant, straight-forward people to work with.  Good attention to detail.”


Terry Pikthall, Market and Technology Researcher, Morgan Material Technology.  “The report was very useful and provided us with much data and information that would have been impossible for us to source ourselves.  I was very impressed by the way Robin handled the briefing session and the questions he asked me about the subject.  I will have no hesitation in using Sambrook again if the need arises.”

Metal manufacture

Gregory Jenkins, Vice President Operations, Handy & Harman (Stainless Steel Wire Division), USA.  “We were very pleased with the quality of the information gathered – the information was meaningful and professional


Mark Warr, Marketing Manager, Premdor.  We felt that the performance was very good. The brief was picked up well and then the project was executed within the timescales and within budget.  We were very pleased with the project, the results of which have been very useful in formulating strategy for the product area analysed.

Information Technology

David Renton, Market Research Manager, Honeywell – “A good piece of research.  I was impressed by the approach as regards interviewing – they got the key individuals – and the report was available before the planned date.  I (and others at Honeywell) was very impressed with the three people on our project.  A pleasure to deal with very bright people.

Food & drink manufacture

Guy Shreeves, Director Customer Services and Quality, Wells and Young’s Brewery.  “Sambrook’s performance was excellent.  Overall great understanding of the task and our business, which is quite complex.  Everything went to plan and very timely.  The final results and presentation was very clear and useful.  Great experience overall and would recommend the team and the services offered.”


Nigel Bosanko, Product Manager, Wavin Plastics.  “Professionally executed piece of market research with clear strategy recommendations.  Very good.  A clear understanding of the brief and product knowledge required.  The study was completed on time and within budget.  We got good feedback to the sales force from the customers interviewed.”


Steve Ellis, Planning & Analysis Manager, nPower.  “Sambrook’s overall performance was good in respect of initial meetings, setting the brief, communication and flexibility – it was made relatively easy to do business, which was useful as one can get trapped in red tape.  The subject of the project (competitor intelligence gathering) was a difficult research area and the overall results were of the standard expected – I feel that Sambrook is skilled in these in-depth interviews.  Sambrook’s responsiveness was good – report delivered on time, by email and hard copy which is also good.


Andrew Laviers, Marketing Intelligence Co-ordinator, Weir Power and Industrial.  “Sambrook performed very well in providing us with a good level of knowledge in the area we wanted.  The research has put us in a position of confidence in knowing what the market is really like and therefore being able to act to address it.  I particularly liked the way they got to grips with the subject matter swiftly, sourced a good sample, and delivered reports on time that contained good levels of detail with summaries.  They also communicated well throughout and prices were competitive, so we got good value for money.”


Dr Alistair McCleod, Head of Marketing, PAC Business Director, Huntleigh Healthcare.  “Research was quick and report well structured”


Ray Lambert, Economics ECMS 1 Division, Department of Trade & Industry – “Very useful in informing departmental managers how the activity was received and how far it achieved value for money.  The report was received on time.  You did a thorough job for us.


Anna Jassem-Staniecka, European Commission, Health and Consumers Directorate-General – “Sambrook carried out the work in a timely manner, with all interim deliverables as  well as the final report received according to the agreed time schedule.  The report was clear, comprehensive and contains useful findings and evidence based options for policy development”

Paul Hayes, Chief Executive, NHS National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse – “The written report was thorough and more than adequately met the brief required.  The research work involved many criminal justice partners both in Whitehall and across the regions.  The report was well received by all partners and viewed as a good quality piece of research undertaken to a tricky brief in a politically sensitive climate.”


Robert Hargreaves, Head of Product Development and Quality, Investors in People UK – “It was clear that the expertise demonstrated at the initial application of work continued through to delivery.  Reports were clear and comprehensive and clearly highlighted where challenges and opportunities had occurred.  The research has been used to inform important decisions regarding our future product development which was immensely valuable


Mike Rowe, Market Development Manager, DERA“Sambrook does what it says it will do in its proposal.  Very professional and certainly met our specification requirements in terms of timeliness and value for money.  What really impressed me was the interaction with our staff in establishing the scope of the research requirement.  Our scientists don’t suffer fools gladly, they respected the people you put in because they really knew something about that market and understood the technical implications and how they affected what we are trying to achieve”

Local Government

Kim Gilmour, Inward Investment Manager, Telford Development Agency.  “Very professional and pleasant to work with.  That includes all the team.  Responsive to changes and suggestions.”

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